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Woman running safely at night

6 Tips for Running Safely at Night

No need to skip your run even though it's dark outside. Just follow these tips to stay safer.

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Woman stretching in a grass and wooded area

How to Know If You're at Risk for Lung Cancer

If you smoke or smoked in the past, here's what you can do to make sure your lungs are healthy.

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Women preparing a vegan meal

Tips for Following a Healthy Vegan Diet

Here's how to eat a balanced diet when only plant foods are on your plate.

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Turkey dinner with stuffing.

5 Tricks to Make Delicious Healthy Stuffing

Here's how to make your holiday stuffing healthier without sacrificing taste.

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Older daughter with arms around Mother on couch

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

These 8 tips can help you take care of yourself while you take care of a loved one.

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Woman sitting in window sill contemplating

Is COVID Taking a Toll on Your Mental Health?

If you’re feeling depressed, anxious or stressed due to the pandemic, here’s what you can do.

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Woman looking upset staring into tea cup

Can Stress Cause a Stroke?

Here’s how chronic stress and anxiety may affect your risk of having a stroke.

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Woman examining her electronic health record on her laptop

The Benefits of Using Your Patient Portal

If you don’t already use a patient portal, here are some good reasons to do so.

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Woman enjoying a healthy snack

8 Tips for Smart Snacking at Home

Are you mindlessly reaching for food throughout the day? Follow these smart snacking tips.

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Family eating dinner at the table together

How to Plan Healthy Meals When Food Prices Are So High

Here are 6 tips for cooking healthy meals even as grocery prices rise.

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