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Advanced Thoracic Surgery

Female surgeons consulting about patient in operating roomThe surgical team at Deborah Heart and Lung Center is one of the best in the country at performing thoracic surgery on the lungs, esophagus, trachea, and chest wall. Both open and minimally-invasive surgeries are performed and, whenever possible, advanced laparoscopic and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical techniques are used.

Depending on a patient’s diagnosis and surgical plan, Deborah has an integrated team of specialists to ensure complete continuity of care. Pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, oncologists, imaging specialists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, and specially-trained operating room nurses may all play a vital role in your care.

In the event a tumor is discovered, patients are transferred into the hospital’s Multi-Disciplinary Oncology Clinic (MDOC) for coordinated lung nodule and tumor evaluation, diagnosis, and planning. The MDOC team brings with it many years of experience in crafting personalized treatment options, and long-range planning for on-going management of lung cancer. If surgery is necessary, patients are smoothly integrated into the thoracic surgery program, with additional planning for chemotherapy and radiation as needed.

For non-cancerous surgeries, the pulmonary team works closely with the thoracic surgery team to ensure a smooth continuity of care.

Why Deborah?

Deborah Heart and Lung Center remains an excellent resource for patients seeking a second opinion. Our specialists work closely with community pulmonologists, oncologists, and primary care physicians in order to deliver coordinated care. Second opinions are frequently sought to both confirm a current diagnosis and treatment plan, as well as learning about other treatment options.

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