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Vincent Pompili,MD

Understanding COVID-19’s Long-Term Effects

The chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Deborah Dr. Vincent Pompili was a guest on Harry Hurley’s morning show today, where he discussed the long-term effects of COVID-19 and the vaccine.

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Knowing Your Heart Health Numbers

Deborah Cardiologist Dr. Alan Ghaly explains what knowing four simple health numbers can do for your heart health in his latest appearance on Hurley in the Morning.

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Keep Your Heart in Rhythm During Covid and Beyond

KYW’s Rasa Kaye talks with Electrophysiologist Dr. Bernard John Hynes about arrhythmia prevention, detection and treatment and the importance of maintaining a healthy heart.

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Doctor and Patient

Lung Cancer Detection

On this month's edition of Deborah Heart and Lung Center Presents on Hurley in the Morning, Dr. Joseph Costic speaks on the topic of lung cancer.

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Dr Kahn treating patient

Sleep Disorders and Heart Health

Deborah Heart and Lung Center experts talk about a range of underlying conditions and biomarkers that contribute to heart disease.

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Bernard John Hynes, MD

Heart Arrhythmias with Dr. Hynes

In this edition of Hurley in the Morning live radio show, Dr. Bernard John Hynes, electrophysiologist, goes in-depth about the types, causes and symptoms of heart arrhythmias. 

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Ketan Gala, MD

Cardiac Care in the Age of Coronavirus

KYW’s Rasa Kaye talks with Ketan Gala, MD, cardiologist about how medical practices have responded to keep patients safe for routine non-COVID 19 visits and how to specifically strengthen the cardiovascular system to resist disease.

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Dr. Gala

Heart Disease Doesn’t Stop

In this edition of the Hurley in the Morning live radio show, Dr. Gala explains the very real dangers of putting off visits to your doctor.

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Senior man having his heart examined with stethoscope in hospital.

Taking Your Heart’s Rhythm Seriously

Dr. Corbisiero, Chief Electrophysiologist, had a simple message for listeners of Hurley in the Morning: “Take heart arrhythmias seriously!”

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Firefighters on meeting before work

Connecting America’s Heroes with the Care They Need

Deborah’s VP of Government and Community Relations was recently featured on Hurley in the Morning, discussing HeroCare Connect.

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