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Coconut Macaroons

Light, airy and sweet, these gluten free cookies are a pretty addition to your dessert table. At 80 calories per cookie, these coconut macaroons are healthy cookies everyone will love.

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Caprese Wreath

Here’s a holiday appetizer that is festive, healthy and easy. With only 4 ingredients, this holiday wreath appetizer can be put together in minutes.

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Apple Pie

Discover our homemade Apple Pie, where naturally sweet apples meet the warm spices of the season. With its gluten-free crust and light and crumbly oat topping, it is a delicious health-conscious dessert. Serve it for any occasion and indulge guilt-free with every bite.

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Thanksgiving Stuffing

Prepare this easy stuffing in a baking dish, or use it to stuff the turkey. This healthy stuffing gets its sweetness from the apples and a unique flavor from the onion and walnut combination.

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Stir-Fried Rice

Skip the takeout and make our delicious and easy homemade stir-fried rice! Our healthy rendition of this Asian-inspired recipe is packed with flavor and nutrients for a hearty meal.

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Pecan Lace Cookies

Delicate and light, these yummy pecan lace cookies are a sweet treat that are under 50 calories a serving.

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Banana Waffles

Savor the goodness of our nutritious (and delicious) gluten-free banana waffles! These guilt-free waffles are a crispy and fluffy way to use your overripe bananas for a tasty breakfast or brunch option.

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Mediterranean Chopped Salad

Looking for a healthy salad recipe that doesn’t skimp on flavor? Our Mediterranean Chopped Salad combines roasted chickpeas, feta cheese, fresh vegetables and a bold za’atar vinaigrette for a medley of amazing flavors.

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Caprese Burgers

No need to buy hamburger buns the next time you are grilling burgers! Our delicious Caprese Burger recipe replaces the carbs with grilled beefsteak tomatoes for a fresh and healthy substitute. These turkey burgers are layered with flavor using fresh basil, mozzarella cheese and sweet balsamic glaze.

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Grilled Hot Dogs

Save on the carbs by making our deliciously healthy Grilled Hot Dogs recipe. Instead of hot dog buns and traditional condiments, we replace the carbs with flavorful grilled zucchini and top things off with bright and flavorful mango salsa.

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