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Cardiac Imaging

As a specialty hospital, the majority of imaging services offered at Deborah are designed to aid in the diagnosis of heart, lung, and vascular conditions. Our facility is accredited by the IAC in the areas of vascular testing, nuclear cardiology, and echocardiography. All cardiac imaging scans are evaluated by a subspecialized heart-focused radiology technician.

Accredited Facility - Vascular TestingAccredited Facility - Nuclear CardiologyAccredited Facility - Echocardiography

The imaging center is open to patients of our Hospital as well as the general public, and offers accessible and affordable imaging and radiology services in a warm, patient-friendly environment.

Whether you’re already working with a physician or prefer that we connect you with a Deborah cardiologist, the process is seamless.

Our Cardiac Imaging Modalities

Arterial Doppler

An ultrasound of arteries in the extremities to detect blockages or plaque build up

Cardiac MRI

A highly specialized diagnostic tool that creates detailed images of the heart without radiation


A test of the heart using ultrasound waves to diagnose disease of the heart or its valves

Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG)

A test that records the electrical activity of the heart

Event Monitor

A portable recorder that records the heart’s electrical activity when a patient has symptoms


A continuous X-ray beam transmitted to a TV monitor to study the heart in motion

Holter Monitor

A portable device that continuously records heart rhythms for 24 to 48 hours

Nuclear Stress Test

Uses radioactive material to show how well blood flows into the heart muscle while at rest and during activity

Pediatric Echocardiography

A test performed on children that uses sound waves to create pictures of the heart

Pulse Volume Recordings

A noninvasive test to evaluate arterial blood flow in the arms and legs

Tilt Table Test

Records a patient’s blood pressure, heart rhythm and heart rate as the body is tilted at different angles

Vascular Ultrasound

A noninvasive method that uses sound waves to examine blood circulation in the arms and legs

The VIVO System™

Provides GPS-like mapping to pinpoint the exact location of a cardiac arrhythmia

Note: Several of our diagnostic services are done using equipment leased from outside companies, and these external providers do require a copay. Please inquire about copays when scheduling an appointment.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in this quiz, or screening or health assessment, I recognize and accept all risks associated with it. I understand that the program will only screen for certain risk factors and does not constitute a complete physical exam. For the diagnosis of a medical problem, I must see a physician for a complete medical exam. I release Deborah Heart and Lung Center and any other organization(s) involved in this screening, and their employees and agents, from all liabilities, medical claims or expenses which may arise from my participation. Thank you for investing in your health by participating today.