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Healing the Body’s Circulatory Function

Doctor with patientWhen the vascular system doesn’t function properly, cells are deprived of life-sustaining nutrients and oxygen and eventually, they die. If enough cells die, tissue loss can occur and may lead to severe health problems.

In some cases, a patient’s vascular condition may be improved and managed through medication, diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modifications. For patients whose conditions require surgical or procedural intervention, Deborah has a team of skilled physicians specializing in:

  • Endovascular Surgery – A less invasive procedure, this type of surgery is typically performed via a catheter inserted through a small incision and into the patient’s artery. Because there are very few incisions, far less tissue needs to heal, so the benefits include less pain, shorter recovery periods, and better overall outcomes.
  • Open Vascular Surgery – This type of surgery is performed through a large incision, providing the surgeon with full access to the treatment area. Traditional open vascular surgery would be if a substantial amount of diseased or damaged tissue needs to be removed or if the surgical repairs needed are too extensive for the less invasive endovascular procedure. In these cases, the more invasive procedure and longer recovery time would be medically recommended.

Better Treatment, Better Outcomes

Carol Henry and Spouse

I Owe My Life to Deborah

Young at heart 74-year-old Carol Henry of Mays Landing is thankful today to be alive, and she credits it all to Deborah.

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