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ACL Rehab

Male physiotherapist holding and examining leg of female patientA staggering 250,000 ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries happen every year in the United States. Athletes often suffer from knee injuries as a result of jumping and pivoting incorrectly while playing sports. Female athletes, in particular, have a 10-times greater risk of suffering an ACL injury than males. Even after surgery, athletes are highly susceptible for a second ACL injury and developing osteoarthritis later in life.

The fact is that many of these ACL injuries are preventable with help from a sports physical therapist. Simple techniques can help train athletes of all ages to jump, land, and perform physical activity with less force traveling through the ACL. Often, these training tips result in overall improved performance because athletes are using their bodies more efficiently.

If you have sustained an ACL injury and are planning your post-operative rehabilitation, you need to ensure that you seek out a physical therapist who not only will return your full range of motion and strength, but will also uncover and correct any movement technique abnormalities that may have contributed to your ACL injury. Our goals at Deborah Heart and Lung Center Physical Therapy with services by Ivy Rehab are not only to get you back on the field, but to train you to run, jump, land, and cut in a manner than protects your knees and minimizes risk of a second ACL injury. These second ACL injuries occur in as many as 30% of young athletes who return to sports after undergoing ACL surgery. Our ACL Return-to-Sport Program is part of a comprehensive ACL rehabilitation approach that takes the recovering athlete through a series of targeted and progressive tests to assess and train for correct movement techniques. This methodology will allow for safe and optimal return to sport and lessens your chances of suffering another ACL injury.

Some of the dynamics you’ll learn include:

  • Proper warm-up methods
  • Speed and agility techniques
  • Technique drills for jumping, landing, pivoting, and cutting to avoid injury
  • Strength and flexibility training

Our sports physical therapists have helped professional athletes, coaches, and students learn the techniques proven to help prevent ACL injuries. Advanced movement assessments and personal one-on-one attention can help you return to or exceed your pre-injury level and reach your peak performance after ACL surgery, all while preventing second and third ACL injuries from happening in the future.

Terms & Conditions

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