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The Pros and Cons of Vegetarian Diets

Eating plant-based foods sounds healthy, but there are still drawbacks to this type of diet.

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How Diet Affects Your Stroke Risk

What you eat can affect your chance of having a stroke. Here are tips to help lower your risk.

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The Link Between Physical and Mental Health

If you think your mind and body don’t affect each another, think again.

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Is It Healthy to Eat Dessert Every Day?

That sweet treat you crave can be part of a healthy diet—here’s how.

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How Your Phone Can Help (and Hurt) Your Health

Being glued to your phone isn’t all bad. Here’s how your phone may improve your health.

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How to Tell What’s Causing Your Symptoms

If you’re feeling under the weather, here’s how to determine what may be to blame.

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7 Common Reasons to Go to Physical Therapy

Physical therapy provides so many benefits that you may not realize all the reasons it’s worth a try.

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How to Exercise Outdoors during Allergy Season

You don’t need to let allergies stop you from exercising outdoors this fall. Just follow these tips.

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Why Trail Walking and Running Are Good for You

There are many reasons to get out in nature and exercise. Here they are.

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Need a Reason to Dance? Here Are 4 of Them

Putting on your dancing shoes can boost your health in these ways.

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