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Exercise and Fitness

How to Stay Safe During Summer Workouts

Don’t let heat and humidity ruin your workout. Here’s how to exercise more safely in summer.

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Video: How to Fuel Up for Your Summer Workout

The 5 energy-boosting snacks in this video won't slow you down when you work out.

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A Cool Pool Workout for Better Health

Try these 5 exercises and enjoy the benefits of working out in water.

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These Fun Outdoor Activities Keep You Fit

Looking to have some fun outside this summer while staying fit? Try these activities.

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The Difference between Mobility and Flexibility

Although these fitness terms are not the same, here’s how they both help you move better.

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Symptoms of Common Running Injuries

Here’s how to recognize, prevent and treat three common injuries.

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Weight Lifting Strengthens Your Heart

Build lean muscle mass to improve your cardiovascular health.

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Should You Walk or Run a Mile a Day?

Here’s an easy way to commit to a regular exercise routine that offers health benefits.

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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Workout

In the market for a new pair of shoes for running, hiking or cross-training? Follow these tips.

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What to Eat after a Workout

What and when you eat after a workout is critical to recovery and your ability to train consistently.

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