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Diet and Nutrition

Older family making turkey dinner

5 Healthy Holiday Cooking Substitutions

There’s no need to skip your holiday favorites with these healthy cooking tips.

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Woman snacking on junk food

4 Ways to Manage Emotional Eating

Don't let pandemic-induced emotions sabotage your diet. Follow these tips.

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Woman showing off her flat

Need Another Reason to Lose Weight? Here’s a Great One

Reducing your risk of COVID-19 complications is yet another good reason to lose weight.

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Woman reaching into fridge to grab bell pepper

What Foods Should a Diabetes Diet Include?

When you have diabetes, stick to a healthy eating plan by choosing these foods.

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Women preparing a vegan meal

Tips for Following a Healthy Vegan Diet

Here's how to eat a balanced diet when only plant foods are on your plate.

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Turkey dinner with stuffing.

5 Tricks to Make Delicious Healthy Stuffing

Here's how to make your holiday stuffing healthier without sacrificing taste.

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Woman enjoying a healthy snack

8 Tips for Smart Snacking at Home

Are you mindlessly reaching for food throughout the day? Follow these smart snacking tips.

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Family eating dinner at the table together

How to Plan Healthy Meals When Food Prices Are So High

Here are 6 tips for cooking healthy meals even as grocery prices rise.

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Woman holding two different apples

4 Impressive Health Benefits of Apples

Find out whether an apple a day can really keep the doctor away.

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Woman chopping vegetables

5 Clever Ways to Hide Veggies in Your Food

Here are some simple ways to sneak veggies into the foods you and your family love.

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