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31 Surprising Things That Reduce Anxiety Fast

When you need to calm those racing thoughts, these go-to tricks can help.

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Strokes and Mini-Strokes: How They’re the Same and Different

Not sure if your symptoms are due to a stroke or TIA? Here’s how to tell.

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How Do You Know If You’re at Risk for Vascular Diseases?

Vascular diseases are pretty common. Here’s what they are and what increases your risk.

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Always Stressed? You May Have Too Much Cortisol

Too much of this stress hormone can wreak havoc on your health.

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Is Climate Change Making Your Allergies Worse?

If you feel like you’ve been suffering more than usual during allergy season, you’re not alone.

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If You’re a Minority, Watch Out for These Health Issues

Two common and serious health conditions may be affected by your ethnicity.

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Does Having a Nightcap Make Sleep Better or Worse?

Here’s how alcohol may affect the quality of your sleep.

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5 Invigorating Ways to Enjoy More Daylight

Move more while enjoying fresh air and sunshine with these exciting and relaxing activities.

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Here Are 7 Signs You Might Have Heart Failure

Don’t ignore these common symptoms of this serious heart condition.

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Do These Things to Advocate for Your Health

Here are tips to help you take charge of your health and be a wiser health care consumer.

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