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Don’t Do This Before You Go to Sleep

Having a tough time falling asleep? These sleep aids should not be your go-to solution.

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Why You May Not Know If You Have High Blood Pressure

Here’s why it’s important to get your blood pressure checked regularly.

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What to Bring If You Go to the Hospital

Here’s a list of what to take and leave home when you go to the ER or stay in the hospital.

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How Allergies May Affect Your Asthma

This Q&A explains the connection between asthma and allergies.

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Watch Out for These Health Issues If You’re a Woman

Here’s how to lower your risk of common health conditions affecting women.

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What to Do and Not Do When Someone Is Having a Stroke

Here’s how to recognize the signs of a stroke so you can get help quickly.

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5 Ways You May Be Healthier Thanks to Your Siblings

Here are a few good reasons to stay connected to your siblings, even when they drive you crazy.

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6 Ways to Keep Picnic Foods Safe

Here’s how to prevent food poisoning when you’re eating outdoors.

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How Much Wine Is Too Much Wine?

The amount you drink makes a difference when it comes to helping or hurting your health.

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The Spring Allergy Survival Guide

If you have seasonal allergies, here are some tips for reducing symptoms when exercising outdoors.

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