Kintur Sanghvi, MD, Presents at AimRADIAL & PCI Conference

Kintur Sanghvi, MD, Director of Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s Transradial Program and Associate Medical Director, Interventional Cardiology, recently presented at the AimRADIAL & PCI Conference in Sarasota, Florida. Speaking at this technical and medical innovation conference, Dr. Sanghvi — who is a world-renowned leader and early pioneer in transradial (or through the wrist) catheterizations — spoke to fellow interventionists on a variety of topics, including using new sheatless catheters, employing the transradial approach for structural interventions, and Robotic Transradial, PCI, the field’s future trend. He has previously led sessions on transradial procedures on international stages in Germany, Hungary, and the UK, where his insights and knowledge have helped advance the field of percutaneous coronary intervention.

During the two-day conference, Dr. Sanghvi joined other distinguished medical specialists exploring a variety of issues facing medical interventionists, as well as new techniques, technologies, and approaches to especially difficult cases.