Deborah Tops List in Quality, Efficiency | (L)ed by Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mills, which received a bonus of 0.74 percent. It is one of only seven New Jersey hospitals that have received bonuses in all three years of the program and one of three hospitals—along with Cape May Regional Medical Center and Inspira Medical Center Elmer—to receive more in Value-Based Purchasing bonuses than it lost in readmissions penalties.

Deborah President and CEO Joseph P. Chirichella said his hospital has been focused on the factors that affect the payments for several years.

Chirichella said the incentives have the potential to positively influence the care that patients receive. However, he said that hospitals have limited control over some of the factors that influence the program’s formula, such as spending efficiency—which includes data from all of the providers that a patient visits in a given year.

“I would hope that statewide and nationwide, the average achievement has been creeping up,” as a result of the focus on quality, Chirichella said.

The hospitals that received the largest bonuses come from a wide variety of areas, including those that serve large urban, suburban and rural populations.

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