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Video: How to Fuel Up for Your Summer Workout

Video: How to Fuel Up for Your Summer Workout

Your body needs the right fuel before you work out – and that means eating high-energy foods like the ones in this video.

Eat some carbs 30-60 minutes before you start exercising but choose wholesome carbs and combine them with some lean protein. Also keep fat and sugar to a minimum. This provides you with long-lasting energy, helps improve performance and can keep your body from tiring out too quickly.

Here are 5 ideas for energizing pre-workout snacks:

  • Low-fat Greek yogurt and fresh fruit
  • An egg with one slice of whole grain toast and a teaspoon of jam
  • 1 ounce of sliced turkey with lettuce and tomato in a whole wheat pita
  • A bowl of rolled oats with low-fat milk
  • A cup of fresh fruit and ¼ cup cottage cheese

Don’t eat empty carbs found in candy and sweets. They don’t give you enough energy and will most likely cause a blood sugar crash later on. Also avoid foods high in fat, like chips or pizza, because they take longer to digest and that can slow you down.

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