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5 Tips to Help You Commit to Be Fit

5 Tips to Help You Commit to Be Fit

Regular physical activity is an important part of staying healthy. It helps you lose or maintain weight, keeps your bones strong and your joints flexible, improves heart health and is a factor in preventing chronic disease. It’s also good for your mental and emotional health.

If you’re ready to make this year the year you finally commit to exercising regularly, these tips can help you stick with your fitness routine long after the initial excitement and motivation starts to wane.

Here are 5 ways to stay committed to your fitness resolutions:

  1. Find something you enjoy doing. No matter what your workout of choice may be, whether walking, kickboxing or yoga, the key is to find something you look forward to doing. Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread. It should be something that makes you feel good.
  2. Work up to your fitness goal. You can’t go from sitting on the couch to working out 5 days a week overnight. Gradually build on what you’re doing until you reach the level of physical activity you’re aiming for.
  3. Schedule your workouts. Most people have time to exercise even when they’re busy. Finding that time and prioritizing your workout helps you get it done. Look over your calendar each week to find 30-60 minute blocks of time. Then schedule your workout just as you would any other appointment.
  4. Make a specific plan. The best way to get something done is to plan for it. So rather than vaguely committing to exercising more, decide exactly what you’re going to do and when. For example, “I’ll go to Pilates class on Mondays and Fridays and walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes on Wednesdays.”
  5. Be realistic about your goals. When it comes to fitness, you want to set a goal that is motivating but also achievable. If your goal is attainable, you’re more likely to put in the effort to reach it. If it’s unrealistic, chances are you’ll throw in the towel rather than give it a shot.

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