Clinical Research Department Awards

Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s Clinical Research Department was recently honored with several awards.

Bard Medical and Lutonix at a recent Levant 2 Registry Meeting, awarded Deborah—and physician Jon George, MD and Research Coordinators Alyssa Bruflodt and Linda Dewey—an “Excellence in Overall Trial Execution.” Deborah was one of five research sites to receive this award, out of 42 U.S. participating research centers who demonstrated fewest protocol deviations, timely data entry and query resolution, quality ultrasounds and angiographic films, overall protocol adherence, and volume of enrolled study participants. Deborah is currently participating in the LEVANT 2 study, which pre-proceeded the registry. The current study is comparing drug-eluting balloon technology and traditional balloon angioplasty in treatment of peripheral arterial disease.

Research assistant JoEllen Schmidt, RN received a “Data Quality Award” for outstanding work in research data completion, execution and quality for participation in the ECHO CRT electrophysiology study. The award was presented by Biotronik and is studying the the effectiveness of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy in patients with heart failure but do not have delayed conduction on ECG.

The awards also recognize the key support role played by Deborah’s entire research team, as well as the ultrasound department, cath lab, radiology interventional team, echo department and pacer clinic which are pivotal in the hospital’s clinical trials.