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Mitral Valve Repair With MitraClip®

MitraClip is a minimally-invasive treatment option for patients whose mitral valve is leaking. This leakage occurs when the valve no longer closes properly between the two left chambers of the heart. When the valve closes properly, blood flows in one direction. When it doesn’t close properly the blood regurgitates and flows backwards in the heart. MitraClip is an important treatment option, especially for patients who are too high a risk for a surgical valve repair or replacement.

These enhanced features will greatly expand the pool of patients eligible to receive the minimally-invasive clip.

How does it work?

During this procedure:

  • The MitraClip is inserted using a catheter.
  • The catheter with the MitraClip attached is guided through the femoral vein to the mitral valve.
  • The clip is put into place and the catheter is removed.
  • The clip stays in the heart to allow the valve to close tightly.

Am I a good candidate for treatment?

MitraClip is a good option for patients who:

  • Have degenerative mitral valve disease
  • Have a high risk of problems with traditional heart surgery
  • Have a valve structure that works well with the MitraClip

What can I expect after treatment?

Patients will stay in the hospital for a few days after the procedure and should be able to resume normal routine in about two weeks. Follow up visits are needed 30 days after the procedure, six months after the procedure and one year after the procedure.

MitraClip™ G4

The MitraClip™ G4 device, provides heart valve repair — without surgery — to patients with leaking mitral valves. This next generation device allows for tailored repairs with additional clip sizes. There have also been advancements in new leaflet grasping technology for optimal clip position and real time monitoring of the pressure in the patient’s left atrium.

These enhanced features will greatly expand the pool of patients eligible to receive the minimally-invasive clip.

The MitraClip

The MitraClip is a new minimally-invasive treatment for patients whose mitral valve is leaking, but who are too high of a risk for open heart valve repair or replacement surgery.

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