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Echo Pixel True 3D

EchoPixel True 3D is an imaging system that takes existing CT and Echocardiogram capabilities to the next level with 3D virtual reality technology.

How does it work?

Physician Using Echo Pixel SystemWith the use of a special display and sophisticated interactive 3D virtual reality software, the system allows physicians to actually manipulate 3D images and virtually place and test devices, such as a WATCHMAN™ Implant, stents, or valves, prior to performing surgery. This virtual placement enables surgeons to preplan the size and dimensions of these devices.

Additionally, the EchoPixel True 3D is an extremely valuable educational tool, providing a hands-on learning opportunity for device placement in a virtual environment for patients with complex anatomy.

Why Deborah?

The Interventional Cardiology and Electrophysiology teams at Deborah® are among the first in the country to use EchoPixel True 3D technology.

Terms & Conditions

By participating in this quiz, or screening or health assessment, I recognize and accept all risks associated with it. I understand that the program will only screen for certain risk factors and does not constitute a complete physical exam. For the diagnosis of a medical problem, I must see a physician for a complete medical exam. I release Deborah Heart and Lung Center and any other organization(s) involved in this screening, and their employees and agents, from all liabilities, medical claims or expenses which may arise from my participation. Thank you for investing in your health by participating today.