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Getting Back on Track – Making Healthcare a Priority Again

Susan MorrisSusan Morris of Barnegat had been healthy her whole life. The 56 year old mother of four had never been in a hospital except to have her children.

But an unexpected episode 2 years ago landed her in the ER with blood pressure of 212 over 104. She needed a cardiologist. For a few months after that she was well managed with cholesterol and blood pressure medicine. Then one day she went to bed and that all changed.

“I had a burning pain that went straight through to my back,” she recalls. “I went back to the emergency room.”

Sue was transferred to Deborah Heart and Lung Center where a heart catheterization revealed a blockage. She needed a stent.

Feeling fine, she continued enjoying her family and working as a church secretary. Fast forward, it was time for her follow-up appointment.

“I wasn’t sure with the coronavirus pandemic whether or not I should go back to the hospital. I was worried about that, but I was also really worried about my heart. I knew I needed to keep on track with my health care.”

So she was relieved when she was able to confirm an appointment.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got to the hospital. But it was great. The staff took my temperature and asked me screening questions. They were pleased to see I wore my mask. The waiting room had been changed so there was lots of space between everyone. During my entire time at the hospital I felt very safe and that the staff was taking every extra precaution to protect me.”

“It made me realize how important it is — even during these times — to keep up with my health care, and I trusted Deborah with my safety now, just like I trusted them with my heart care before.”

“We are certainly pleased that Sue made her health a priority,” says Vincent Pompili, MD, Deborah’s Chair of Cardiovascular Medicine. “We at Deborah have been prioritizing our patients care throughout the pandemic, and we are working hard to ensure that our staff is able to provide the sophisticated level of care needed in the safest environment possible.”

Sue added: “I tell people that if you’re willing to wear a bandana and go to the grocery store, you are even safer going to Deborah. They know exactly what to do. Healthcare is just as essential now as it ever was, and I’m glad I trusted Deborah to do an amazing job.”

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