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From a Very Sick Man to a Totally Different Person

Deborah’s Wound Care Center Made the Difference

Jose Rodriguez recently “graduated” from daily treatment in the hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the wound care center at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. His treatments in the high-intensity oxygen chambers since March have turned his peripheral arterial disease around and set him on the path of renewed health.

Jose Rodriguez with Wound Care Center Safety Director and Hyperbaric Technician Shannon Taylor, CMA

Like many patients who end up in Deborah’s Wound Care Center, Jose’s problems stemmed from diabetes, which he believes came from a life-long habit of constantly drinking Coca-Cola. Other than that, the 72-year old grandfather and retiree had a very few health problems during his life. Then about two years ago he noticed some leg problems. He soon discovered that his lower extremities were “plugged up” and he had very little blood flow. After a stop at another hospital, his daughter recommended that he come for a second opinion at Deborah.

In addition to his leg problems, the diabetes medicine he was taking didn’t agree with him, and he began to lose weight. Despite procedures to open up the blood flow in his leg, Jose eventually needed a below-the-knee amputation.

“My wife Awilda and daughter Dahlia were much more upset about this than I was,” he recalled. “I got my prosthetic, did my rehab, and began to pick up the pieces.”

But Jose ignored a little spot, “a nick on my toe,” he said. “It got bigger and bigger.” Now there was a race to try and save his other leg. It was decided to have him “dive” into the high-intensity oxygen therapy hyperbaric chamber.

“I was not at all claustrophobic going in, and after the first three days they had me up to maximum flow. Think of it as like an airplane with a pressurized cabin.”

The results?

“He was a very sick man when he came here,” said Wound Care Center Manager Megan Haas. “Today he is a totally different person. We have helped to save his limb by increasing his oxygen blood levels. He wasn’t driving when he first started, but now he drives himself here from Lumberton.”

“We couldn’t be more pleased with Jose’s progress,” added chief of podiatry services at Deborah, Michael Plishchuk, DPM. “He has been diligent about his treatments and following our instructions. The results are that he saved his other leg, which is great.”

The compliments from Jose are mutual. “From day one I have liked everything about how patients are treated at Deborah. It is always patients first. I got great care here and I am grateful.”

We take so much pride and personal satisfaction in helping our patients. Seeing Jose heal and return to his life really motivates us every day at Deborah.”

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