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Deborah Hospital Foundation on Charity Navigator’s COVID-19 “Hot Topics” Page

Deborah Hospital Foundation has announced its inclusion on Charity Navigator’s COVID-19 “Hot Topics” page. The page is a dynamic list of charities supporting community fundraising and outreach efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Deborah Hospital Foundation has been selected for this highlighted mention based on its primary mission of providing financial support to Deborah Heart and Lung Center, along with being the only multi-year 4-Star Rated hospital Foundation in New Jersey — by Charity Navigator — and is featured prominently on the Medical Services section of Charity Navigator’s web site.

“During the time of national emergency, we quickly geared up to help support Deborah Heart and Lung Center with its ever-growing list of needs, including personal protective equipment, and other supplies to help fight this virus,” said Steve Toal, Chief Development Officer, Deborah Hospital Foundation. “As New Jersey’s only specialty heart, lung, and vascular hospital, Deborah treats patients with many of the most serious underlying conditions that contribute to COVID-19 complications.”

Charity Navigator is one of the oldest and most-respected companies in the country that evaluates and rates charity non-profits. A 4-Star Rating is its highest distinction, underscoring excellent fiscal management of donations received.

“With our 4-Star Rating, and Charity Navigator helping ‘get the word out’ we hope to continue our fundraising efforts for the Hospital. We are hearing from many concerned individuals as they recognize the unprecedented financial needs facing us today, and we are hopeful they will generously support patient care at Deborah by making a donation today.”

For more information about Deborah’s Emergency Response Fund, visit:

For more information about Charity Navigator, visit:

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