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Patient Appointments – COVID-19

While the coronavirus pandemic may be changing the way Deborah Heart and Lung Center delivers medical care, its commitment to clinical excellence and patient safety are unwavering.

Deborah® will conduct telemedicine appointments whenever possible. Because every patient’s visit is unique, your physician will determine if a telemedicine appointment is appropriate. We will contact you prior to your appointment date to answer any questions you might have, and ensure that you are ready for your upcoming appointment.

Patients with clinical needs that require an in-person appointment and/or testing will still be able to come to the Hospital.

If your physician decides to schedule you for a telemedicine appointment, you will need an email account and a smartphone or computer with a camera and microphone. If you do not have this technology, please let the scheduler know when they call you. Please remember that patients with cardiac conditions are particularly at a higher risk if they become infected with COVID-19.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the scheduling department at 609-621-2080 or request an appointment online.

How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Appointment