A Special Message From Donna Buscio

Dear Friends,

My late husband Captain Dominick Buscio was a dedicated fire captain of the Jersey City Fire Department. Dom was a wonderful husband, father, brother and son to his family, and a true friend to all who knew him. At the age of 39, his life was unexpectedly taken when he suffered a heart attach during our ski vacation. Dom was the picture of health. In fact, the results of a complete physical he had only 19 months before his death were normal, except for the presence of a moderately high cholesterol level. Since he was found to be healthy at that time, he decided not to return for his annual physical the following year. While many people his age make the decision not to seek regular checkups, in his case, it resulted in an inconceivable loss to all of us.

I am sharing our experience with others because I have found that my husband’s death was not a rarity. Heart attacks are the largest single killer of firefighters. For that very reason, I created the program “A Gift from Captain Buscio,” which began in Jersey City and now spans across the State of New Jersey to offer strictly confidential, comprehensive cardiovascular and pulmonary evaluations with no out-of-pocket cost to the firefighters and officers. These annual examinations are provided by board certified cardiologists and pulmonologists from Deborah Heart and Lung Center or Hudson County Cardiovascular Care.

My intention is not to instill anxiety. On the contrary, it’s to provide an opportunity for peace of mind. I’m quite certain that this program would have had Dom’s full support, given the current limited opportunities for our heroes to obtain physicals specific to their needs.

For me, this program, which was founded in Dom’s memory, is an attempt to keep your occupational risk limited to fighting fires and crime. This pamphlet provides you with details on the program and how you may benefit from it. If you have any questions or concerns regarding information other than what is available on the captainsgift.com website, contact me at dbuscio@captainsgift.com.

Donna Buscio