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How to Make a Plan to Quit Smoking that Works

If you’re determined to quit for good this time, these tips can help.

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7 Easy but Effective Fitness Resolutions

With these small tweaks to your daily routine, you’ll be exercising more without much effort.

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12 Good Reasons to Reduce Stress This Year

We hate being stressed and it’s not good for our health, so here’s how to cope with it better.

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What Is the Best Diet for Losing Weight?

Here are tips to help you decide which diet is best for you.

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Gluten Free Turkey Meatballs

Eggplant substitutes for bread crumbs in the tasty turkey meatballs. Cooked in a chipotle tomato sauce, these gluten free meatballs have a spicy kick. Make these meatballs ahead of time so they can soak up the chipotle flavor.

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How to Prepare for Your First 5K

These simple steps can help you get ready for your first running event.

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Video: Get Energized with These Pre-Workout Snacks

The 5 energy-boosting snacks in this video won't slow you down when you workout.

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Light or Heavy Weights: Which Is Best?

Here are the similarities and differences between these strength training methods.

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How Diabetes Affects Your Heart and Kidneys

Here’s the connection between type 2 diabetes, heart health and kidney disease.

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Signs You May Have Long-Haul COVID

If you have these symptoms after you’ve had COVID-19, you may be a long-hauler.

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