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Introducing MitraClip™ Procedures for Mitral Valve Repair

MitraClip is a new minimally-invasive treatment for patients’ whose mitral valve is leaking, causing what is medically referred to as mitral regurgitation.

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Deborah Wishes Laura Jordan of Bayonne a Happy 101st Birthday

On December 8th, Laura Jordan of Bayonne celebrated her 101st birthday after undergoing a TAVR procedure at 100-years old.

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Deborah Specialists Offer Key Presentations at New Cardiovascular Horizons Comprehensive Cardiology Symposium

Deborah’s cardiology, interventional, electrophysiology and surgical specialists were key presenters at the New Cardiovascular Horizons Comprehensive Cardiology Symposium.

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Delaying Medical Care Can Have Consequences

While residents of New Jersey were once encouraged to stay at home during peak of the COVID pandemic, many hospitals are reminding patients of the importance of staying on top of their health and resuming their health care treatment now that coronavirus cases have subsided in New Jersey.

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Electrical Disturbances in the Heart

KYW’s Rasa Kaye talks with pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Cara Garofalo, about Sudden Cardiac Arrest in children and teens.

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Can your Thanksgiving be enjoyable – and safe? Yes!

Protecting our loved ones is a priority this holiday season, and that includes making informed decisions about family and social gatherings.

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Deborah Specialists Offer Key Presentations at New Cardiovascular Horizons Symposium

Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s specialists were key presenters at the New Cardiovascular Horizons (NCHV) Annual Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, June 1-4, 2021.

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From a Very Sick Man to a Totally Different Person

Like many patients who end up in Deborah’s Wound Care Center, Jose’s problems stemmed from diabetes, which he believes came from a life-long habit of constantly drinking Coca-Cola.

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Fruit Rocket Kebabs

Spark some fun into fruit snacks with these easy red, white and blue Rocket Kebabs. We used patriotic strawberries, blueberries and bananas, but any fruit will do with this tasty, fat-free yogurt dip.

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Avoiding High Sodium Foods to Prevent High Blood Pressure

Daniel Ice, MD, Interventional Cardiologist shares helpful tips including food substitutions to avoid hypertension.

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