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Here are 10 Warning Signs of AFib

Some people with AFib have no symptoms and don’t even know they have the condition. Others may experience symptoms but may not recognize that they are associated with AFib. The symptoms may occur frequently or only occasionally and may come and go. Do you have any of these 10 warning signs?

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How Does Sleep Affect Heart Health?

Cardiologist, Denise Zingrone, DO, discusses why you need to get enough sleep for a healthy heart on PHL17.

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Is Your Leg Pain Caused by PAD?

Interventional cardiologist Daniel Ice, MD, discusses peripheral artery disease on the Hurley in the Morning live radio show.

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10 Warning Signs of AFib

Some people with AFib have no symptoms and others don’t realize their symptoms are caused by AFib. Here are 10 warning signs to watch for. Learn More »

Can a Vegetarian Diet Improve Your Cholesterol?

Plant-based diets are lower in saturated fat and higher in fiber than diets that include a lot of animal products, both of which can help improve cholesterol levels. Learn More »

Chicken Teriyaki with Peanut Sauce

These easy chicken skewers have great teriyaki flavor without the high sodium or additives. A tasty peanut sauce gives them a mild but delicious flavor that everyone will love. Learn More »

Kale, White Bean and Tomato Salad

Protein-packed cannellini beans and high-fiber kale make a delicious salad combination that is filling enough for lunch or dinner. Learn More »

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