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Is Climate Change Making Your Allergies Worse?

Does it seem like your allergies have been getting worse year after year? If so, it may not be your imagination. The culprit may be climate change. As the planet warms, allergy seasons appear to be getting longer. Concentrations of allergens in the air, such as pollen, are also increasing. This all adds up to more sniffling, sneezing and wheezing for those who are long-time allergy sufferers. Even people who never experienced allergies in the past may notice they now have symptoms.

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Eat These Foods to Lower Your Cholesterol

What you eat can have an impact on your blood cholesterol levels. If you are concerned about your heart health, here are 4 tips that may help improve your numbers.

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Always Stressed? You May Have Too Much Cortisol

Cortisol is commonly referred to as the stress hormone, and it’s one of several hormones that your body produces in response to stress. If you produce too much, it can negatively affect your physical and mental health.

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Does Having a Nightcap Make Sleep Better or Worse?

Many people think this evening ritual helps to slough off the stress of the day. But does having a nightcap actually help you sleep better – or does it make it harder to get a good night’s rest? Learn More »

If You’re a Minority, Watch Out for These Health Issues

The reasons for differences in health risks among different ethnic groups are complex. But the fact remains that you should pay close attention to specific health issues depending on your background. Learn More »

Eggs Benedict

An ultimate brunch treat, Eggs Benedict is known for its rich hollandaise sauce. This hollandaise sauce is made with very little butter, so you can enjoy Eggs Benedict for about 150 calories per serving. Learn More »

Cinnamon Muffins

At about one-third the calories of fast food muffins, these cinnamon muffins are a great way to start the day. These whole wheat muffins are topped with a touch of sugar for a sweet lift. Learn More »

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