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They Saved My Life Again and Again

Silver Ridge resident Ralph Liloia has had a triple bypass, ten stents, 12 catheterizations, and a pacemaker implanted, all within the last nine years – and all at Deborah. So he pretty much considers himself a local spokesperson for the Hospital’s quality and credits our physicians and surgeons with saving his life.

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Could You be at Risk for Heart Failure?

KYW’s Rasa Kaye talks with cardiologist, Cynthia Kos, DO about the signs and symptoms, as well as the latest diagnostic and treatment tools for patients in every stage of heart failure.

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Deborah 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment Survey

We want to hear from you! This survey is a systematic process involving the public for us to better understand and respond to community health needs.

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What’s the Best Time to Take Vitamins?

Most vitamins can be taken at any time but with some, timing is key for absorption and effectiveness. Learn More »

Is This Causing You to Gain Weight?

Living in a messy environment can lead to stress, and added stress may cause you to overeat. Learn More »

Chicken Pita Sandwich

If you can't go out to lunch, take lunch outdoors! Pack a picnic lunch with these sandwiches. Learn More »

Zucchini Bread

Made with zucchini, this moist bread is a tasty way to slip healthy veggies into your breakfast or snack. Learn More »

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