The Children’s Heart Center at Deborah

Outpatient Pediatric Cardiology

CardiologyDeborah’s Board-certified pediatric cardiologist and an experienced pediatric nurse practitioner provide diagnostic outpatient evaluations for children suspected to have congenital or acquired heart disease.

Such patients can include those with heart murmurs, cyanosis, arrhythmias, chest pain, and syncope, as well as sports-related concerns. Comprehensive follow-up care is provided for children diagnosed with any form of heart disease.

peds-gePediatric Echocardiography

Provides important diagnostic information, and is regularly used as clinically indicated as an integral part of the cardiac evaluation. The majority of our echo studies are performed on an outpatient basis.

Fetal echocardiography provides the ability to manage congenital defects throughout the prenatal period, allows for counseling and informed decision making, and improves care and outcomes for the family.

Pediatric Arrhythmia Program

Diagnosis and ongoing management of arrhythmias, palpitations and syncope are provided in the ambulatory care settings. Non-invasive diagnostic studies are used to identify significant problems. Radio-frequency ablation is available through Deborah’s Cardiac Electrophysiology Division as a curative alternative to chronic medical therapy for selected individuals with various types of tachycardia.

Other services include Pediatric Stress testing, Tilt testing for syncope, Fetal Echocardiogram, CT Scanning, Electrocardiogram, Holter monitoring and transtelephonic recording, Pacemaker Testing and Radiofrequency Ablation and Pacemaker insertion for teenage patients.

Perinatal Cardiology

Comprehensive assessment of the fetus and neonate with suspected cardiac disease is provided. Fetal echocardiography provides information regarding structural heart disease, and allows monitoring of cardiac performance. Early identification of the fetus with heart disease and appropriate family counseling contribute to the best possible outcome for infants with complex congenital heart disease.

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