Bariatric Program

For more information about the Bariatric Services Program, email inquires to For appointments call 609-893-1200 ext. 4727.


Alternate Approach to Obesity and a Host of Health Problems

Overweight? Diabetic? Suffer from high blood pressure, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease, or other health complications because of your weight? Deborah Heart and Lung Center has a tool to combat this prevalent problem: Bariatric Services. Obesity is a major cause of premature death as well as many other debilitating medical conditions, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, and degenerative joint disease.

The Bariatric Program at Deborah Heart and Lung Center offers hope for the more than 1 million New Jersey residents who are struggling with health problems associated with their weight.

Bob Longo

In partnership with Bariatric Surgeons from Garden State Bariatric Center, Deborah offers an on-site, comprehensive weight-management program, including gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and gastric banding surgical procedures, as part of an overall program focusing on nutrition, healthy living, and exercise. The majority of obese patients with diabetes who undergo bariatric gastric bypass experience not only significant weight loss, but also the possibility of diabetes remission as well. New research suggests these patients may also cut their risk of heart attack by 40% and their risk of stroke by 42% over a 10-year time period (as reported during Obesity Week 2013, Atlanta, GA).

Patients whose Body Mass Index or BMI (relationship of height to weight) is greater than 40 are candidates for bariatric surgery. Patients whose BMI is between 35-39.9 with other serious health complications, like Type II Diabetes, high blood pressure, or sleep apnea, are also suitable candidates for weight loss surgery.

“Many of the patients who come to Deborah also grapple with weight issues,” said Michael Bilof, MD, Medical Director, Bariatric Program at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. “We know that in order to treat our patients’ cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, and diabetes, controlling their weight is a key component. Many people have struggled with this issue. It is wonderful to have the latest surgical and non-invasive options available to help our patients lose weight, and in turn enable them to manage their other medical conditions.”

Bilof noted that patients interested in Deborah’s Bariatric Program do not have to be current patients.

We have implemented this service because we saw the need for our current patients. Having this program on-site brings this specialty service to a wide group of people.

For more information about the Bariatric Services Program, email inquires to For appointments call 609-893-1200 x4727.