Referral Pathway

Referring physicians can utilize 1-800-214-3452 for all referrals, including transfers, cardiac or pulmonary consultations, including testing only and scheduling for testing only, and any medical or surgical interventions.

Deborah respects the unique relationship between the patient and the referring physician. Therefore, every effort is made to include the referring physician in the plan of care for the patient. The referring physician is informed and consulted on every aspect of the patient’s treatment, and the Deborah physician is available to discuss the patient’s care and to answer questions from the referring physician.

Transfers to Deborah

Emergency and non-emergency transfers are accepted at Deborah 24-hours a day, seven days a week. All calls are handled by an attending cardiologist. Transfers can be accommodated at any time by calling 1-800-214-3452 (DHLC). Deborah has a heliport on site to accommodate emergency transfers.

Deborah Consultations

Deborah physicians are available for patient consultations in all major adult and pediatric sub-specialties by dialing 1-800-214-3452 (DHLC) or the various medical departments directly.

Physicians are also available to visit the referring physician’s office to discuss services, concerns or problems. Please contact Victor M. Hatala, director Practice Management & Development at 609-893-1200 ext. 5420.