Financial Information

Financial Assistance Policy (click here)

Provider Billing

Before you receive care at a medical facility, you should understand the cost of your care, how much of your healthcare costs will be covered by your insurance, and how much of your costs will be your out-of-pocket responsibility.

When you receive care at a medical facility as a patient with health insurance, the facility will submit separate bills for hospital fees (facility charges) and provider fees (fees for services provided by your doctor or other healthcare professional) to your insurance company for payment. According to the terms of your insurance policy, you may be responsible for portions of your bill such as co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Please note that providers’ fees are bills that cover the healthcare services your doctor or other healthcare provider, such as a nurse practitioner, provided to you. These fees are separate from hospital fees (facility charges). Providers’ fees are NOT included in the hospital’s facility charges.

We recommend that you also contact your insurance company to confirm the medical facility and its adjunct providers are in network with your specific plan and whether your planned healthcare services are covered.

You should always check with the provider who is arranging for your healthcare services, to confirm whether or not he or she accepts your health insurance coverage. Additionally, you should also confirm with your insurance company that the specific services you will receive are covered under your health plan.

Your Responsibilities

Deborah Heart and Lung Center (“The Center”) is a licensed New Jersey specialty hospital formed to relieve and treat without distinction as to race, gender, sexual preference, color, creed, religion, age, national origin, handicap, or ability to pay, persons suffering from acquired and congenital cardiac disease, pulmonary disease, and vascular disease, and persons suffering from other related diseases. Deborah was founded in 1922 “for charitable purposes and to provide medical and surgical treatment to persons afflicted with cardiac and pulmonary diseases.”

As Deborah Heart and Lung Center expands to meet the needs of the community, it is important patients understand that services provided in any locations other than 200 Trenton Road, Browns Mills, New Jersey, The Center must follow standard billing practices in accordance with Federal law. The government’s special billing exemption at The Center (200 Trenton Road) does not extend to any other locations on the campus or throughout the state.

A billing file is maintained for each patient, but bills are not sent to any patient who receives services at The Center (200 Trenton Road). If a patient has insurance, The Center bills the patient’s health insurance plan for both the hospital services and for those physician services provided by Deborah’s employed medical staff. Alternatively, if the patient is underinsured or uninsured, Deborah provides assistance in qualifying the patient, or the financially responsible party, for any applicable Federal and/or state programs. Deborah will accept the amount paid through any of the respective Federal and/or state programs and not balance bill the patient for services at The Center.


You have the right to all the hospital care required for the proper diagnosis and treatment of your illness or injury. According to federal law, your discharge date must be determined solely by your medical needs, not by your diagnosis or Medicare payments. You are entitled to full information about decisions affecting your Medicare coverage and the payment for hospital and post-hospital services.

Charity Care and Uninsured

If you require Public Assistance or Charity Care, advise the registration personnel or contact the Financial Counselor at (609) 893-1200 x4220 to set up an appointment.

Financial Customer Service

Representatives are available for any questions regarding your hospital bill, insurance coverage, or any patient responsibilities including co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles.

Our representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00am–4:30pm, at (609) 893-1200 x4807.

Co-payments (co-pays) are specific dollar amounts identified in your health insurance plan that you are responsible to pay before your insurance coverage starts.

Co-insurance is the percentage of your healthcare costs that you pay based upon your health plan. For example, if your health plan has a 70 percent co-insurance, this means your health plan pays 70 percent of your healthcare claims and you are responsible to pay 30 percent of those claims.

Deductibles are the portion of your healthcare costs that you are responsible to pay before your health insurance coverage will begin paying your healthcare claims. For example, if your health insurance plan has a $500 deductible and your healthcare bill for a service covered by your health plan is $1,500, you will have to pay $500 and your health insurer will pay the remaining $1,000.

After you receive healthcare services outside of The Center, you will receive regular statements via the mail advising you of the status of your account until your bill is paid in full. Should your insurance company deny payment on all or any portion of your bill, you will be responsible for payment. You can make arrangements for payment with Patient Financial Services. Payments may be made in the form of cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Financial Assistance

Deborah Heart and Lung Center appropriately serves patients in difficult financial circumstances and offers financial assistance to those who have an established need to receive emergency and other medically necessary services.

Financial assistance-eligible individuals include patients who do not have insurance and patients who have insurance but are under-insured. Opportunities for financial assistance may be reviewed before or after a service is rendered. To be eligible for financial assistance, patients must cooperate with any insurance claim submission, exhaust their insurance or potential insurance coverage, and complete the financial assistance application process in full.

Income LevelAbove 400% Assistance Discount PercentageUnderinsured (Balance After Insurance) Discount Percentage
Up to 200% FPL*100% Waiver of Payment100% Waiver of Payment
201% ‐ 300% FPL*85% Waiver of Payment25% Waiver of Payment
301% ‐ 400% FPL*75% Waiver of Payment10% Waiver of Payment
Uninsured50% Automatic Self Pay DiscountN/A

*FPL = Federal Poverty Level

Patients who want to apply for financial assistance, or who have been identified as potentially eligible for financial assistance, will be informed of the application process. Completed applications will be considered within 240 days following a patient’s first billing period, or upon notification of any Extraordinary Collection Actions.

Patients or their representatives may obtain a Financial Assistance Screening Application or a full copy of Deborah’s Financial Assistance Policy in the mail by contacting Financial Counseling at (609) 893-1200 x4220. Printed copies are available at registration desks at Deborah Heart and Lung Center or downloading and printing the policy or application at no charge from our website.

Out-of-Network Requirements

As a specialty hospital, Deborah Heart and Lung Center is not subject to the “Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act.” However, if your medical provider is not employed by or under contract with Deborah (referred to as “non-Deborah providers”), your provider may be subject to out-of-network requirements and may be required to provide you with additional information about their in-network or out-of-network status and your financial responsibility associated with your care. Please contact your provider for additional information about their policies.

Non-Deborah providers

Insurance Plans in which Deborah Heart and Lung Center participates

If you have health insurance we will need your insurance card and the insurance forms supplied by your employer for the insurance company. You will be asked to assign benefits from the insurance company directly to the hospital and the physician group that will treat you here.

The Center submits bills to your insurance company and will do everything possible to expedite your claim. Please remember that your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. You may be asked to assist in obtaining payment by the Patient Accounting Department.

Bills for services provided at the Center will be submitted to your insurance carrier. These services are billed under the name, Professional Service Fund, and include all physician specialties.

Insurance Requirements

Your plan may have special requirements such as a second opinion or pre-certification for tests or procedures. It is your responsibility to make sure the requirements of your plan have been met. If they haven’t, your admission may be delayed. Patients are responsible for initiating and obtaining a referral to a specialist if required by the HMO. A referral must be obtained from your primary care physician if you are covered by an HMO, PPO, or other managed care plan. Help with any insurance requirements may be obtained by calling 609-893-1200 x5828.

Insurance Plans Accepted

Insurance plans in which Deborah Heart and Lung Center currently participates »

It is also important that you contact your insurance company prior to receiving services or care at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. Each plan is different and some provide different levels of coverage that could make a difference in your out-of-pocket costs, if any. It is always best to contact your insurance company to obtain more information.

If You Don’t Have Insurance

A representative of Patient Access Services will discuss arrangements with you. You may be requested to supply specific personal financial documents. This will allow the Center to be reimbursed, in whole or in part, for the services provided to you through state funding for uncompensated care.

Hospital Charges

In accordance with federal requirements, Deborah Heart and Lung Center provides information on its standard list of hospital charges. Charges are not the same as prices; prices are negotiated down for healthcare customers. To view our charges, click here.

To view our diagnosis-related group (DRG) average charges, click here.

Since 2007, the state of New Jersey has provided a Hospital Price Compare website which includes a list of charges for New Jersey hospitals, plus additional consumer resources. To learn more visit

Audited Financial Statements

The following documents represent the recent Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s annual audited financial statements and the latest quarterly unaudited financial statements. These statements are presented as part of the New Jersey Department of Health’s request for transparency and are not intended to be relied upon without the consent of Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

* The quarterly financial statements have not been audited and may be subject to change.