Financial Information

The following documents represent Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s annual audited financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2015, and the latest quarterly unaudited financial statements. These statements are presented as part of the New Jersey Department of Health’s request for transparency and are not intended to be relied upon without the consent of Deborah Heart and Lung Center.

* The quarterly financial statements have not been audited and may be subject to change.

Out-of-Network Requirements

As a specialty hospital, Deborah Heart and Lung Center is not subject to the “Out-of-Network Consumer Protection, Transparency, Cost Containment and Accountability Act.” However, if your medical provider is not employed by or under contract with Deborah (referred to as “non-Deborah providers”), your provider may be subject to out-of-network requirements and may be required to provide you with additional information about their in-network or out-of-network status and your financial responsibility associated with your care. Please contact your provider for additional information about their policies.

Non-Deborah providers »

Insurance Plans in which Deborah Heart and Lung Center participates

If you have health insurance we will need your insurance card and the insurance forms supplied by your employer for the insurance company. You will be asked to assign benefits from the insurance company directly to the hospital and the physician group that will treat you here.

The Center submits bills to your insurance company and will do everything possible to expedite your claim. Please remember that your policy is a contract between you and your insurance company, you may be asked to assist in obtaining payment by the Patient Accounting Department.

Bills for services provided at the Center will be submitted to your insurance carrier. These services are billed under the name, Professional Service Fund, and include all physician specialties.

Insurance Requirements

Your plan may have special requirements, such as a second opinion or pre-certification for tests or procedures. It is your responsibility to make sure the requirements of your plan have been met, if not, your admission may be delayed. Patients are responsible for initiating and obtaining a referral to a specialist if required by the HMO. A referral must be obtained from your primary care physician if you are covered by an HMO, PPO or other managed care plan. Help with any insurance requirements may be obtained by calling 609-893-1200, extension 5828.

Insurance Plans Accepted

Insurance plans in which Deborah Heart and Lung Center currently participates »

It is also important that you contact your insurance company prior to receiving services or care at Deborah Heart and Lung Center. Each plan is different and some provide different levels of coverage that could make a difference in your out-of-pocket costs, if any. It is always best to contact your insurance company to obtain more information.

If You Don’t Have Insurance

A representative of Patient Access Services will discuss arrangements with you. You may be requested to supply specific personal financial documents. This will allow the Center to be reimbursed, in whole/in part, for the services provided to you through state funding for uncompensated care.