Robotic Ablation

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Robotic Ablation, the safer, more effective ablation for patients with heart rhythm disorders, or cardiac arrhythmias, is performed by Deborah Electrophysiologists with the Stereotaxis Remote Navigation System. The system navigates to those areas of heart tissue responsible for the irregularity and inactivates them. This all happens without open-heart surgery.

Robotic Ablation at Deborah: Trust the Experts.

  • Under the CorbisieroKazemian Team, Deborah is a Top 10 Robotic Ablation Center
  • The team has a combined 20 years of experience, performing hundreds of ablations with over 100 robotic ablations
  • Patients are exposed to up to 60% less damaging X-ray radiation
  • Patients are 10 times less likely to experience major complications such as perforation of the heart
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