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All visitations are currently restricted. Exceptions are being made for the following patients:

  • Terminally ill patients – 1 visitor granted by the Attending Physician.
  • Surgical/procedural patients – 1 visitor may wait in the Main Hospital Lobby. Brewed Awakenings Café, located in the Main Lobby, is available for visitors only.
  • Outpatient clinic patients – No visitors allowed. For patients that need a visitor to assist in registration, the visitor will be allowed in for as long as that process takes, but will then be escorted back out of the building to wait.

Please note: We will temperature screen all visitors prior to entering the Hospital, as well as ask them to respect social distancing and practice hand hygiene.
All visitors are required to wear masks at all times while inside our facilities. Visitors may bring their own mask from home, or masks will be provided to them upon entering our facilities.