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Doctor and Patient

Lung Cancer Detection

On this month's edition of Deborah Heart and Lung Center Presents on Hurley in the Morning, Dr. Joseph Costic speaks on the topic of lung cancer.

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Ken Thomas and Richard Kovach, MD

Personal Connections, All Part of a Cardiac Journey

Sometimes it’s the personal connection that can make a real difference in how you feel about a hospital.

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Deborah Heart and Lung Center Plays Critical Role in Investigating Whether Sonic Waves can Help Treat Advanced Heart Disease

Research in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology shows potential for ‘shockwaves’ to safely break up calcified plaque prior to stenting.

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Deborah’s TAVR team celebrates a milestone. From left: Val Harris, RN; Wendy Carey, RN; Gina Schlottke, RN (virtually); Joseph Chirichella, President and CEO; Joseph Manni, Executive Vice President, Operations, COO; Jamie Rice, RN; Jennifer Joiner, MSN, APN; Richard Kovach, MD; Amanda Robbins, RT; Lorraine Kelly, LPN; Rachel Marino, RN; Paul Burns, MD

Deborah Heart and Lung Center Performs 550th TAVR Procedure

Over 100 Procedures Just in 2020 – Despite COVID-19

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Doctor holding heart

COVID-19 and Cardiac Impacts

Early Evidence Points to Coronavirus Contributing to Heart Inflammation

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The Youngs

Finding New Beginnings after Crossing the End of the Road

Five years ago Richard Young had a heart attack, followed by a pacemaker. Soon his downward slide into heart failure began.

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Bernard John Hynes, MD

Heart Arrhythmias with Dr. Hynes

In this edition of Hurley in the Morning live radio show, Dr. Bernard John Hynes, electrophysiologist, goes in-depth about the types, causes and symptoms of heart arrhythmias. 

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Dr. Kulpreet Barn

World Heart Day Message From Dr. Kulpreet Barn on PHL 17

In honor of World Heart Day, Dr. Kulpreet Barn was on PHL 17 this morning to help celebrate.

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Deborah’s NWESC Chapter at a planning meeting, held prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deborah Heart and Lung Center Nursing Abstract Selected for Presentation

An abstract presentation titled “Meaningful Recognition,” prepared by the nursing staff at Deborah Heart and Lung Center, has been selected for presentation at the Nursing Workplace Environment & Staffing Council (NWESC) Retreat on September 18, 2020.

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Stethoscope with reflection

Deborah Physicians Join in Community “Ask the Doctor” Workshop

Deborah physicians – Cardiologist, Sara Sirna, MD, and Interventional Cardiologist, Vincent Varghese, DO -- joined with other community health leaders for a special, virtual “Ask the Doctor” Health Workshop on Saturday, September 12, 2020.

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