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Richard Haydinger, Jr.

Board Member

Community involvement has been a long-standing cornerstone of both my personal and professional lives. I am impassioned about helping others, and my board involvement with Deborah is a vital piece in that community service chain. Empowering Deborah to navigate an ever-changing business environment is gratifying, especially since I know the powerful medical impact the Hospital has on so many lives.

Richard Haydinger, Jr. is a principal of First Montgomery Group, which he founded in 1986 and currently runs with two of his sons. The large, regional real estate firm retains his personal touch, where projects are carefully managed with a hands-on approach.

Richard has been involved with Deborah since 2015, and has served on the Board and the Financial Committee.

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree in 1963 from Defiance College of Ohio and a Master’s degree in 1968 from Montclair State University, Richard continued his education and professional development by taking an additional 42 credits beyond his M.A. at various New Jersey colleges. He is also a licensed real estate broker in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Richard is involved in many philanthropic activities with a variety of organizations close to his heart, including work with the military, retirees and veterans – Defense Enhancement Coalition, Burlington County Military Affairs Commission, and TEDX JB MDL – as well as work with Habitat for Humanity, Andrew Braun Foundation, St. Joe’s School in Camden, The Joseph House, Cathedral Kitchen, Lift Up Camden Youth (LUCY), Camden Catholic High School, and work with regional food banks.

Quick Facts
  • Loves college football.
  • With his wife (Marianne) of 54 years, he loves visiting their four children and twelve grandchildren.
  • Never feels he is working because he loves all he does.

Terms & Conditions

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