Deborah Heart and Lung Center Recognizes Wound Healing Awareness Month

The James Klinghoffer Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Treatment Celebrates its Treatment Milestones

Deborah Heart and Lung Center — New Jersey’s only specialty heart, lung and vascular hospital, and an Alliance Partner of the Cleveland Clinic Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute — recognizes June as Wound Healing Awareness Month.

During the month Deborah celebrates the treatment milestones at the James Klinghoffer Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Treatment which provides advanced wound care technology and hyperbaric oxygen therapy to enhance wound healing.

The Center treats conditions such as ulcers related to arterial insufficiency, diabetes, venous insufficiency, pressure wounds, traumatic injuries, post-surgical and ostomy wounds as well as non-

life threatening burns including those from radiation therapy during cancer treatment. The Center combines standard therapies including debridement, advanced dressings, compression therapy and nutritional support with advanced therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, bioengineered skin substitutes, arterial and venous pumps, and wound matrix and collagen dressings, making Deborah the region’s top Center for complex wound care.

One specialty type of treatment that the Center provides is Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy, which is breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber and is delivered to the body’s systems. This advanced treatment method for wound healing has helped many patients, like Cheryl Anderson.

“I had a little scratch on my right ankle that somehow progressed into cellulitis with a bone infection,” said Cheryl. “The cellulitis caused the scratch to open to a size that was so big that it needed to be operated on with a skin graft procedure. While I was in the wound care center, it was recommended that I consider hyperbaric therapy along with my weekly wound care appointments. I did have surgery and continued HBO therapy. The skin graft surgery resulted in two wounds, which both healed up completely with HBO therapy. I received positive support from the staff, and they encouraged me to stay the course of treatment while I kept up with the wound and dressing changes. During my time in the Center, I was encouraged, which was a beautiful thing, and I recommend it. I no longer take any pain medications, and I am able to participate in my daily family life again!”

According to Wendie Zoltanski, Community Outreach Educator for the Center: “Wound Healing Awareness Month is meant to recognize the specialized challenges experienced by the many individuals whose lives are affected daily by chronic wounds and to bring awareness to the general public of the support that is available and provided successfully by specialists who are certified in this area. The Center takes an individualized multi-disciplinary team approach in promoting education, prevention, care, and treatment of acute and chronic wounds.”

Megan Haas, RN, Clinic Director, added: “Last year we treated over 300 new patients in our exam rooms for standard, advanced, and hyperbaric wound care combined, making Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s wound care clinic one of the highest volume wound centers in the region. Our patients healed successfully within an average of 60 days. Patients whose circulation has damaged their limbs, perhaps through progressive diabetes or a blocked vessel that has been surgically repaired, can run the risk of serious limb damage. There is nothing more gratifying than having a patient who faces a health risk undergoes treatment in our wound center, and then heals and recovers.”

The team of specialists at the James Klinghoffer Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Treatment work closely with other specialty teams at Deborah – the vascular surgeons, diabetes management staff, nutritionists, podiatrists, rehabilitation departments and other medical professionals – to tailor a custom-plan for each patient to optimize their healing.

“I remain continuously proud of our highly-skilled wound care team each and every day,” said Haas. “Their commitment to our patients is unparalleled, and it is a pleasure — during Wound Healing Awareness Month — to be able to spotlight their achievements, as well as to raise awareness that wound care treatment is essential. “