NFL Alumni Partners with Deborah Heart and Lung Center

NFL Alumni (NFLA) announces a partnership with Deborah Heart and Lung Center to provide quality, cutting-edge cardiac, vascular and pulmonary care to NFLA members.

This partnership ensures that former football players and their families, regardless of where they live, can access Deborah’s nationally-renowned medical services at its campus in Browns Mills.  The NFLA has over 10,000 members nationwide, with a large mid-Atlantic and Florida cluster of over 2,500 members. According to statistics compiled by the NFLA, football retirees over 50 years old have a 13.5% rate of coronary heart disease, 46% rate of high blood pressure and a 44% rate of high cholesterol. As well these former players exceed the national averages for poor leg circulation and other heart conditions. A high percentage of NFLA members also suffer from sleep apnea, asthma and diabetes. Deborah specializes in all of these conditions and is able to provide expert diagnoses and treatment.

“We are delighted to partner with the NFLA,” said Joseph Chirichella, Deborah President and CEO. “Football brings families and friends together as we root for our favorite team. Post career, it is an honor to link these players to quality healthcare. Deborah is recognized as a top 7% in the nation for heart surgery outcomes and we are excited to connect former players with our specialists.”

“NFL Alumni is proud to partner with Deborah Heart and Lung Center,” says NFL Alumni CEO Beasley Reece. “This partnership will grant our former players access to world class medical services across the country while supporting our mission to better the quality of life for our former NFL athletes.” 

The personalized service at Deborah will ensure that each member receives one-on-one attention for their integrated care.