Deborah Specialists Offer Key Presentations at New Cardiovascular Horizons Comprehensive Cardiology Symposium

Deborah Heart and Lung Center’s cardiology, interventional, electrophysiology and surgical specialists were key presenters at the New Cardiovascular Horizons Comprehensive Cardiology Symposium in Atlantic City on July 20. This comprehensive event focused on current trends in coronary intervention, clinical cardiology, electrophysiology, structural heart disease, stroke, hypertension and endovascular treatment of peripheral artery disease.

Led by Co-Chairs and Moderators Richard C. Kovach, MD — Deborah’s Division Director of Interventional Cardiology — and Craig M. Walker, MD — Clinical Professor of Medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine — the symposium featured six break-out sessions. Deborah specialists covered a wide range of key topics including:

Kulpreet Barn, MD

*Beyond Cardiac Output and Index: Understanding Cardiac Power Output and the Pulmonary Artery Pulsatility Index

* Review of ECHO, LVADS and Other Left Ventricular Assist Devices: Which Device and When?

Renee Bullock-Palmer, MD

*Amyloid Cardiomyopathy: A Rare Disease or More Common Than we Think?

Raffaele Corbisiero, MD

*Management of Chronic Heart Failure with the Cardiomems Device

Daniel Ice, MD:

*Anti-Platelet Therapy Post-Intervention for Patients on Anticoagulants: “Double” or “Triple” Therapy

*Mitral Clip for Functional MR: The COAPT Trial

Pedram Kazemian, MD:

*Have NOACS Increased the Use of Anticoagulants for At-Risk Patients?

*Management of Atrial Fibrillation with Anticoagulants, Ablation & LAA Closure: 1, 2 or All 3?

Richard Kovach, MD

*Peripheral Vascular Intervention to Facilitate TAVR

*Novel therapies for “No Option” PAD Patients

*Low-Risk TAVR: Ready for Prime Time?

Kintur Sanghvi, MD:

*Update on Renal Denervation for the Management of Resistant and Uncontrolled HTN

*Review of Structural Heart Procedures in the Cath Lab: Beyond TAVR

* Percutaneous Valve-in-Valve Procedures: Indications and Options