Clinical Research Trial Shows Promising Results

Initial results from the Radiance HTN study, one of Deborah’s clinical research trials, were released today at a professional meeting in Paris. Kintur Sanghvi, MD, Deborah’s Associate Medical Director of Interventional Cardiology, who has served as the Principal Investigator on the renal denervation study, which uses ultrasound based therapy to treat high blood pressure (instead of medications), noted that the study results and data indicates that the treatment works.

“As the Principal Investigator on this research trial at Deborah Heart and Lung Center, we have had the distinct privilege of being the highest volume research site in the world. This has given us a great deal of first-hand insight into the study and the possibility of revolutionizing how we treat hypertension. High blood pressure is the number one cause for cardiovascular mortality and morbidity. One in two American suffers from hypertension and more than a third of them have uncontrolled blood pressure. For years there have been no new breakthroughs on the market to address this spiraling problem. Renal denervation offers the first tangible evidence for a new approach. I am not surprised that the clinical trial results are favorable and show so much promise for on-going treatment. This confirms the results at our facility. I am now looking forward to the next phase of the trial and the anticipation of an approved alternate treatment for hypertension in the next few years. I expect when that happens Deborah—with this new tool in our arsenal—will become a major Hypertension Center of Excellence.”

Dr. Sanghvi, along with his clinical research team—Drs. Courtney Walsh, John Costello, Denise Zingrone, Justin Szawlewicz, and research coordinators Lout Lewis, Sarah Muchowski and Linda Dewey—are looking forward to the next phase of the research trial, which will focus on efficacy and safety. More information: Queen Mary University of London: Surgery involving ultrasound energy found to treat high blood pressure